Connection Systems

Innovative solutions that enable the future of mobility
We deliver advanced connection solutions for safer, greener, more connected vehicles.

Solving Our Customer’s Toughest Challenges

Aptiv's Connection Systems portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the market

With more than 100 years of automotive engineering experience, Aptiv has the knowledge and expertise to deliver innovative connection solutions that address the complex needs of advanced safety, electrification, autonomous driving, and data connectivity.

Engineering the Vehicle of Tomorrow

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Our Newest High-Voltage Interconnects

Aptiv’s high-voltage interconnects handle high levels of power, improve life projections and maintain a compact design that reduces mass and cost.

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Delivering Safety, One Connection at a Time

Aptiv makes mobility safer with our broad portfolio of connection systems. From our safety restraint connection systems to our active safety connector and terminal solutions, we ensure every vehicle connection is robust and reliable, enabling the highly advanced driver assistance systems on the road today.

But safe doesn’t stop there. At Aptiv, we are the leader in advanced electrical centers, ensuring that power is safely and reliably routed through the vehicle, so you have it when you need it.

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Helping save lives with high-speed connectors
Helping Make the World Greener

Helping Make the World Greener

Challenging emissions targets globally require new approaches to vehicle efficiency. As leaders in electrical architectures, we understand both the systems and the components OEMs need to achieve those targets.

Aptiv has one of the most comprehensive high-voltage connection portfolios in the industry, for all levels of electric vehicles. We are enabling greater consumer adoption of EVs by delivering world-class, reliable global charging solutions that meet both product safety certifications and OEM requirements.

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Connecting the Vehicle to the World Around It

Vehicles are more connected now than ever before, with consumers demanding data-enabled safety, comfort and convenience features.

At Aptiv, we know that a split second can make all the difference. That’s why we have developed a portfolio of high-speed data transmission technologies that ensure data gets to where it needs to go quickly and reliably, enabling highly advanced driver assistance systems, as well as the secure and connected in-cabin comfort and convenience features that consumers demand.

Connecting the Vehicle to the World Around It
Driving Innovation Through Advanced R&D

Driving Innovation Through Advanced R&D

Aptiv’s passion for innovation means we are never satisfied, and we will never stop looking for new technology and new partners that can help us transform the industry.

Aptiv’s additive manufacturing program in partnership with Carbon is proof positive of our pioneering spirit. This program delivers high-quality products that are capable of passing even the most stringent military standard (MIL-STD) qualification testing while reducing time to market and minimizing investment.

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