The Lowdown on Uptime: How Aptiv Changes the Game for Fleet Management

For 250 million miles and over ten years (and counting), Aptiv Connect has been running validation checks for OEMs worldwide — and for good reason. 

Faster, more accurate validation provides value to OEMs in a myriad of ways, from cutting in half the time it takes to solve field issues to delivering better quality assets that in turn deliver more uptime to customers.

Vehicle fleets in particular, including Aptiv’s own automated cars in Las Vegas, stand to see some of the most immediate gains in efficiency and quality from Aptiv’s configurable solutions. 

From pre-production validation to post-production data streams, OEMs and fleet managers now have a highly adaptable system that allows them to monitor everything they need to maximize their vehicles’ performance.

Uptime is everything.
While there are a lot of reasons Aptiv Connect is having a profound impact on fleet management, one of the most significant is improving uptime. Here are just five ways Aptiv helps fleet managers keep their vehicles on the road:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance for components like tires, brakes, and oil can be bundled, so a truck is taken down for one comprehensive service event instead of three or four different ones.
  • Better monitoring of individual vehicle and subsystem health allows managers to spot trending failures before a failure occurs— so uptime goes up, warranty costs go down, and customers stay happy.
  • Readily addressing software fixes via over-the-air updates also helps fleet managers win the uptime war.
  • Constant testing allows managers to select down to the smallest detail (e.g., axle ratios, tire types) the best options to put on a vehicle, resulting in better fuel economy and an even better bottom line.
  • The flexibility to change a data strategy on-demand depending on where that vehicle is in its lifecycle helps managers dial up fleet efficiency (e.g., using our solution to test and monitor exhaust aftertreatment systems to ensure compliance with emissions and regulatory requirements).

    That’s just the beginning.
    New services for fleet managers are evolving every day. It’s not just about getting connected anymore. It’s about designing a system to help solve problems now, and into the future. 

    As new problems arise, systems evolve, and business models change. Fleet managers will need more data, and they’ll need to refine their edge-based analysis models and algorithms to learn, adapt, and support new inputs.

    All of this transformation starts with a good data foundation built on a configurable, future-proof solution. Regardless of the implementation, Aptiv Connect along with its unique foundation of edge computing, analytics engine and scalable cloud approach enables a host of new capabilities designed to keep fleet vehicles where they belong: on the road.  

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