100,000 Self-Driving Rides Strong

Karl Iagnemma
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Karl Iagnemma
Karl Iagnemma

We’re proud to share that in partnership with Lyft, Aptiv has successfully provided 100,000 commercial robotaxi rides in Las Vegas. Notably, 98% of these paying passengers have rated their Aptiv self-driving rides 5-out-of-5 stars, with most stating this first-of-a-kind experience is something they are eager to try again.


Feedback from Lyft passengers has been a positive indicator that the public is becoming comfortable with self-driving mobility. For example, during CES 2020, Matthew De Silva of news site Quartz shared, “After my first ride in a self-driving car, I can say with confidence I’d do it again.”

A passenger named David shared on Instagram that he was impressed by Aptiv’s technology: “Thank you @Aptiv for getting us back safely to our hotel! I’ve never seen such reliable self-driving technology before.” Another passenger, Sarah, shared her excitement over learning about self-driving vehicles: “Rode in a self-driving car tonight! … Absolutely amazing. My mind is still blown hours later!”

Together with Lyft, we are proving real-world viability and building consumer adoption. Providing riders with the opportunity to see Aptiv’s autonomous driving technology safely and confidently navigate to their destination is a real “aha” moment for them. Additionally, getting answers to questions like “How does this car work?” or “Does it see what I see?” builds confidence and encourages passengers to share their experience.


I’ll also add that one of the ways we ensure a great experience for Lyft’s self-driving passengers is through Aptiv’s Command Center, which provides our employees with real-time data, like vehicle health and diagnostics, vehicle ride status, and popular ride times and locations. This ultimately helps keep our vehicles on the road and serving passengers.


What’s next? More self-driving rides, of course.

Join the thousands of passengers who have experienced our self-driving rides on the Lyft app. You can find out how in this video


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