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Shaping Mobility’s Future Today:
The Human Touch


Hesitant about riding in a self-driving car? You’re not alone. Many of the people that we invite for a fully-autonomous ride are a little nervous to let go of the proverbial wheel. But what if we told you that once they experience it, most people say they would do it again. And again. And again.

Join us on our journey as we talk to people about their feelings and perceptions before, during and after their autonomous rides. These experiences help us shape future automated technologies. It may also shape how they tell the autonomous story. It’s critical we all play a key role in making the future of mobility a reality.   

Aptiv Autonomous Vehicle: Our Sensors Explained

We're considering not only the technology, but the aesthetics of a self-driving car.

Draw your ride

Before their first ride in an autonomous vehicle, research participants draw their expectations for the experience.