The Unsung Hero of Mobility:
Smart Vehicle ArchitectureTM

By 2020, vehicles will exchange 100,000 pieces of data in a literal blink of an eye. How will they handle all this data and power distribution? By being built on a radically optimized architecture. Enter Aptiv.

Ready for the Future: Smart Vehicle Architecture

Smart Vehicle Architecture incorporates the full suite of our technology and brings it together through our systems integration expertise. We can integrate whole systems through smart vehicle architectures, which enable all the electrification, active safety, automation, and connectivity features, driving this new mobility.

Self Driving Vehicle

Aptiv's advantage

Aptiv's advanced technology solutions continue to help the world get closer to zero fatalities, zero emissions and seamless connectivity. We continue to develop new market-relevant technologies that enable new mobility solutions, while at the same time, aggressively expanding our capabilities in software development, system integration, and data analytics.

"With all the talk about automated driving and advanced safety systems, infotainment systems and in-car WiFi, people don't think about what it takes to make all of that happen.
It's the car's nervous system."

Glen De Vos
Senior Vice President,
Chief Technology Officer and President,
Mobility & Services Group

Vehicle architecture has to adapt - it has to become smarter.
Enter Aptiv.

We can integrate whole systems through Smart Vehicle Architecture focusing our efforts in four key areas: software, sensing & compute platforms, data & power distribution and connected & mobility services.

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