250 Sequential Drops + One Meter = Automotive Grade

How Aptiv’s Portable EVSE Cordset Handles the Tough Stuff

As most electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid drivers are aware, EVs and plug-in hybrid EVs receive energy from Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) or, more commonly known as, the EV cordset. 

As the market demand for EVs and hybrid EVs continues to grow, so does the desire for improved portable EVSE cordset features, such as reduced size and mass. However, what is even more important to drivers is safety and durability. 

Enter Aptiv.

Our engineering team set out to develop a unique “shock absorber” to protect the portable EVSE cordset. This enhancement isolates the printed circuit board (PCB) from impact forces experienced if the consumer drops the product numerous times on their hard garage floor. 

This is particularly important as the cordset that connects to the EV charger and battery on the vehicle must have a durable connection to switch the AC power from the wall outlet to the onboard charger module.

What inspired them?

The isolator technology that protects your cell phone’s electronics from drop abuse. With its revolutionary drop-shock protection, Aptiv’s next generation portable EVSE cordset is designed to meet and exceed the most stringent safety and durability requirements.

What was the process?

The team conducted in-depth material research then iterated and refined multiple designs, all while testing their cordset through extreme mechanical and electrical trials. From there, they developed a small elastomeric isolator which absorbs shock pulses and protects the electronics at the heart of the system.

With this game-changing isolator, Aptiv’s portable EVSE cordset is capable of withstanding over 250 sequential drop cycles from one meter (more than three feet) onto a cement surface. After passing this drop test, it remains functional and safe for the driver to use.

Source: https://www.navigantresearch.com/research/electric-vehicle-charging-services

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